Supercharge your
customer support

Provide instant customer support with a custom ChatGPT chatbot trained on your website content

Custom AI chatbots for your website

UseChat is a powerful all-in-one solution for creating custom chatbots trained on your website content, which you can then embed into your website or app.

Embed ChatGPT in your website

Once trained your custom ChatGPT chatbot can be embedded in your website or app.

Seamless human handover

If they need more help, seamlessly handover to regular human live chat in the same platform.

Engage visitors & supercharge support

Help users find the answer they need instantly with a chatbot that understands your website and products.

Watch conversations in realtime

See your visitors chatting with your chatbot in realtime. Browse all historical conversations.

Custom welcome message

Set a custom chatbot welcome message for visitors. Get advanced and even customize the prompt.

Your branding and styling

Customize the chatbot icon, colors and theme to your brand.

Train a custom ChatGPT chatbot in minutes

Getting started with UseChat is simple. Just enter your website URL, customize your chatbot's style and click "Train chatbot". In a few minutes it will have been trained on your entire website, and ready to embed on your website and answer any questions your users have.

Choose Your Plan

Create a custom chatbot trained on your website of any size, from a few pages to thousands of pages of content.


Create and embed a custom chatbot on your website or app.



Create a custom chatbot for your website or app

1,000 messages/month

1,000 webpages

Manual data refetch

Chat export

Collect user email addresses

Human support handover


Embed chatbots on higher traffic websites & invite team members.



Create custom chatbots for your higher traffic website and app

5,000 messages/month

10,000 webpages

Automatic data refetch

Chat export

Collect user email addresses

Human support handover

Invite 5 team members

Remove UseChat branding


Embed chatbots on high traffic and large websites & invite team members.



Create custom chatbots for large websites and apps with high usage

30,000 messages/month

50,000 webpages

Automatic data refetch

Chat export

Collect user email addresses

Human support handover

Invite unlimited team members

Remove UseChat branding

Premium support & onboarding

Custom Plan

Need a plan beyond Scale? Have custom requirements or specific features you need? We'd be delighted to find a way to support you. Just get in contact!
Webpages limit is the total number of webpage URLs that all chatbots in your account will crawl
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Frequently asked questions

How does UseChat work

Enter your website URL and we will automatically crawl and scrape all the content and pages of your site. We then create a custom trained ChatGPT powered chatbot which can answer questions using your website's content. You can embed this chatbot on your website wherever you like.

Can I embed my assistant in multiple websites

Yes you can use the embed code to embed your chatbot on any URLs or apps you like.

My website has thousands of pages, can you process it?

Yes we can support websites of any size. Our scraping technology is fully scalable and built to handle even the largest websites.

My website receives millions of monthly visitors, can you support it?

Yes our chatbot assistant infrastructure is built for speed and scale. You can embed your chatbot on any website whatever the scale.

I need a custom enterprise pricing plan

We're happy to help! Just send an email to us at and we'll be delighted to put together a proposal for your specific requirements.

Can I see user chat history?

All conversations with your chatbot are recorded and can be viewed in the dashboard. You can even view conversations in realtime as they happen.

What if I go over my plan limits?

If you are nearing or exceed your plan limits we will send you an email to let you know a higher plan is required. We will make sure the service is not interrupted where possible.

Where is my data stored?

Data including chat history is stored by our SOC 2 compliant managed database provider and hosted in AWS (USA).

What ChatGPT models do you support?

Chatbots currently use ChatGPT-3.5 by default as this provides the best balance between quality, speed and price. GPT-4 is available on request.

Where is UseChat located?

UseChat is located in London, UK and founded by SaaS founder Damien Tanner who previously co-founded Pusher.

Dive in deeper

How-to guides

Create your first custom ChatGPT chatbot with UseChat

Learn how to sign up for UseChat and create your first ChatGPT powered chatbot trained on your website content. It only takes a few minutes and is free to get started.

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Embed your UseChat chatbot into your website

Once you're chatbot has been trained, the next step is to embed it into your website. Follow these steps to copy the embed code and insert it anywhere into your website.

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See conversations users have had with your chatbot

UseChat records every conversations your users have with your chatbot. You can easily browse any conversation, and even watch a conversation live as it happens.

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Enable "Ask users for their email" feature for a chatbot

Your chatbot can ask users for their email address, so you can follow up a conversation over email or import leads into your CRM

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