How-to guide

Create your first custom ChatGPT chatbot with UseChat

Learn how to sign up for UseChat and create your first ChatGPT powered chatbot trained on your website content. It only takes a few minutes and is free to get started.

1. Sign Up for free at

2. Enter your details then click Create Account

3. Enter your website URL

UseChat will crawl the content of your website and use this to train your chatbot.

4. Enter your company, website or app name

Your chatbot will use this to refer to itself by.

5. Choose a custom icon color

After training your chatbot, you will find more branding options in the dashboard.

6. Click on Train chatbot

7. Wait for your chatbot to be trained

This will take several minutes, depending on the size of your website.    

8. Your chatbot is ready!

Click on Try Chatbot to open it in a new tab. You can share this demo URL with your team.      

Then click Open Dashboard to see how to embed the chatbot in your website, see settings and view the chatbot's conversations.