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Learn how to get started with UseChat to create a custom ChatGPT chatbot for your website

Create your first custom ChatGPT chatbot with UseChat

Learn how to sign up for UseChat and create your first ChatGPT powered chatbot trained on your website content. It only takes a few minutes and is free to get started.

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Embed your UseChat chatbot into your website

Once you're chatbot has been trained, the next step is to embed it into your website. Follow these steps to copy the embed code and insert it anywhere into your website.

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See conversations users have had with your chatbot

UseChat records every conversations your users have with your chatbot. You can easily browse any conversation, and even watch a conversation live as it happens.

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Enable "Ask users for their email" feature for a chatbot

Your chatbot can ask users for their email address, so you can follow up a conversation over email or import leads into your CRM

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